District Location

The district spans over a degree from 21.19' to 22.24' North and 79.31 to 81.3' East. The total area of the district is 9245 Sq. Km. District Balaghat is bounded by Rajnandgaon in the East, Seoni in the West, District Mandla in the North and District Bhandara of Maharashtra State in the south. The Wainganga River separates the district from Seoni while the rivers Bawanthadi and Bagh define the inter-state boundary.


Popular Places



The river seems to have derived its name from Ganga and Venu, a king mentioned in the Puranas, or more probably the king Ben or Bele. He ruled from Singorgarh fort in Damoh.


bajrang ghat

Its situated on Wainganga strand. This is a historical temple of this river, basically this the hanuman Mandir. This Mandir location is very fabulous.


Sankar Ghat

This is situated on the Wainganga stand. This is a historical temple of this river, the delegation says that Sadhu’s stayed here at the time of god Ram.


Shah Kalander Mazar

This mazar is also situated at near Wainganga. This is situated in interiors of the area.

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